Rent Reviews/Lease Renewals

Our daily activities of acquiring and letting shops and offices in Camden ensure that our finger is on the pulse of what is happening in the area. It naturally follows that as well as evidence from our own transactions we keep tabs on what is happening in the area which puts in a very good position when it comes to acting for you.

Of course every property has unique characteristics and lease terms that can impact on the rent. That having been said, we will be able to give you a good indication of the level of rent being achieved for properties in your immediate area which we will firm up upon once we have carried out a detailed inspection and measurement.

Getting us a copy of your lease in plenty of time will enable us to make sure that all relevant dates are adhered to and that Notices and Counter Notices can be served and your position protected. With significant increases in rents over the last few years, it is imperative to get the best advice.


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