For the last 8 years an EPC or Energy Performance Certificate has been a legal requirement in order to put a property on the market either leasehold or freehold. The Government intention is now clear. Any property with a value of less than an E come 2018 will not be habitable or marketable unless substantial improvement works are undertaken. These works on the whole are the responsibility of the Landlord.

Changes in building regulations mean that properties assessed in the early years of the scheme will probably now rate 2 or even 3 bands below their original levels, in some instances below the minimum requirements. An EPC only lasts 10 years.

Our Energy assessors can undertake an EPC on your behalf and advise on what works might be needed to cost effectively bring your property up to standard.

Below are few simple solutions which can make a massive difference:

  • Changing halogen spot lights to LED lighting.
  • Changes to your heating or Air Conditioning

How old is your air conditioning?

If your air conditioning is more that 12 years old it is probably running on the “old style ” R22 gas which is now banned. While you can continue to use your air conditioning, if it breaks down you will not be able to repair it. This could have a major impact at the end of your lease.

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