Property acquisitions

You need to expand. You are mindful of the amount of time it will take up and the fact that you have a business to run. The team at Bruce Commercial understand these issues. We also know what is available and having met with you and discussed your requirement, we can act as your in-house property team shortlisting properties that meet your criteria and then dealing with the negotiations and reporting back to you and liaising with your lawyer.

Commercial Property Leases are complex documents covering every aspect of a property. We are there to guide you through the maze helping you understand what impact particular clauses could have on your business, if they are fair and reasonable or too onerous in favour of the landlord?

Are you committing to terms you do not fully understand?

Rent is only one issue, service charges, rates and repairs have an equal impact on the cost of occupying a property. We know and understand buildings and can give you a 360 degree appraisal of the building you are looking at.

Are you getting the floor space you are paying for and is it all the same quality? Changes in the treatment of leases means you need to assess how easy it might be to dispose of your interest so with a eye to the future, just how good is the space?


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