Making an Offer

making an offer

We need to know who the offer is from. Are you an established company or an individual?
You will need to provide 3 years accounts for your business & Confirm the following:

  • Name of Company. Are you a Limited Company, Partnership or Sole Trader?
  • Names of Directors or Partners
  • Company number
  • VAT Registration No.
  • If individuals or Partnership, Full names and home address of individuals
  • Are you able to provide 3 years of accounts for your business?
  • Confirm if you are offering a guarantee or rental deposit
  • Confirm the level of the rental deposit you are offering
  • Confirm lease term
  • Are you seeking a rent free period, if so how long?
  • What is the level of your premium offer?

  • Seek clarification if the lease is Inside or Outside the Act
  • Brief summary of any works you may be proposing
  • Details of works that you expect the landlord to undertake
  • Ask for clarity on any matters that you are not clear of
  • Provide details of your Solicitor
  • Provide details of the following Referees
  • Company or personal Bankers
  • Accountants
  • Present Landlords
  • Upon receipt of a satisfactory offer and the essential information above, we can prepare detailed Heads of Terms

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